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735 North Foreman Street

Vinita, OK 74301

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This gastroenterology clinic serves patients in Vanita and the surrounding areas. Like every Vanita location, it is staffed with the best gastroenterologists in Vanita. The providers at this gastro clinic understand the challenges related to GI conditions and know how to put you at ease as they partner with you to find a proven solution to address your needs. Sometimes patients treated at this location will have gastroenterology procedures like colonoscopies or endoscopies at one of our partner endoscopy centers. Our digestive specialists will leverage not only their years of digestive health experience but all of the cutting edge research and updated procedures that come from being part of GI Alliance to help you feel better quickly. Request an appointment at one of the highest patient rated gastroenterology clinics in Vanita today.


Christian Clark, M.D.

Gastroenterologist in Vinita, OK

735 North Foreman Street

Vinita, OK 74301

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