Arrange for Your Colonoscopy By Year's End (and Maximize Your Deductible)


Since we are heading into the fall and winter months of 2022, it is the perfect time to evaluate the state of your health and your wellness goals for the new year ahead. One way to help you stay ahead of your goals could be to book a routine colorectal screening with an expert GI specialist.

Even though other testing methods are available in regard to colon cancer screening, colonoscopy stands out as one of the most efficient and reliable of all tests available. The doctors at Adult Gastroenterology Associates consistently carry out colonoscopies to give patients the opportunity to become aware of the indicators of colorectal cancer as early as possible and to provide care for other issues related to the colon. Please read on to hear more concerning colonoscopies offered by our Tulsa, OK gastrointestinal group.

Why are colonoscopies considered the best screening for colon cancer?

In addition to helping evaluate for indicators of cancer of the colon, colonoscopy permits your provider to inspect the overall health of your colon and can remove any polyps they encounter during the screening.

A colonoscopy screening might be advised for patients at least 45 years old or for those who:

  • Are from certain ethnicities (African Americans are at a higher risk of suffering from colon cancer than those from other groups, though no ethnicity is without risk)
  • Keep a diet low in fiber but high in calories and fat
  • Suffer from certain inflammatory bowel diseases (including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease) which have been proven to raise the chance of developing colorectal cancer
  • Have a family history of bowel cancer

It's important to talk with an expert in digestive health to discuss your risk regarding cancer and when you should get a colonoscopy.

When is the recommended time for me to schedule a colonoscopy?

In the big scheme of things, there is not a "right" or "wrong" time to be proactive about the care of your health. Still, deductibles are due to reset for the majority of health insurance policies on Jan. 1, so if you have already reached your plan's deductible, this could be the perfect time to book a colonoscopy in Tulsa, OK, and take advantage of your deductible having already been met. If you've enrolled in a plan with a flexible savings account (FSA), now is your last chance to use extra funds that won't roll over into the next year.

In addition to the financial benefits, wrapping up any necessary health screenings before January 1 will set you up to head into the new year confident that you're on top of your wellness needs.

How do colonoscopies work?

Colonoscopies are a very common procedure that is conducted in a private room at your physician's office or your nearest endoscopy center. Upon your arrival at the exam site, preparations will be made, and you will be asked to lie on your side. Our staff will administer intravenous (IV) sedation in small and controlled amounts to manage both your safety and comfort during the procedure. After sedation is administered, your Adult Gastroenterology Associates GI specialist will begin the colonoscopy exam by slowly inserting a scope via your rectum and forward through the colon, ascertaining your bowel health through a camera affixed inside the end of the device. Based on the results of the colorectal screening, the exam usually takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes to complete.

Reserve a time for your colonoscopy in Tulsa, OK today

Colon cancer causes more than 50,000 deaths annually in the U.S., but the odds of survival improve drastically when the cancer is found and addressed near the beginning of its development. That's why it's vital to rely upon a skilled colonoscopy doctor who can identify the signals that point to cancer and work with you if ongoing treatments are indicated. With the collective knowledge of our physician-led practice of gastrointestinal doctors ready to lend a hand, the providers with Adult Gastroenterology Associates can't wait to help you ring in a new year in which caring for your health is a top priority. To learn more regarding colon cancer screenings or to talk with a colonoscopy doctor in Tulsa, OK, we encourage you to get in touch with our gastroenterology team today.