Gear Up for a Healthy Start to the New Year


Welcoming in the New Year commonly brings about New Year’s resolutions, and for a number of people in the U.S., this involves developing goals to achieve a healthier life. While you research ways to maximize a healthy diet and healthy living, be sure to incorporate steps to boost your gut health. The digestive tract completes a number of essential activities that help protect your systemic health. We encourage you to create an action plan to take proper care of your gastrointestinal (GI) health and ring in the New Year with a healthy start.

Adult Gastroenterology Associates is excited to be your partner in protecting your health and wellness against digestive conditions. Patients searching for more recommendations on how to bolster their gastrointestinal wellness or who are having any concerns surrounding potential GI conditions are welcome to contact our practice in Tulsa, OK to speak with a skilled and compassionate gastroenterologist.

What eating habits can I follow to boost GI health?

Start the New Year off by incorporating some healthy dietary habits. Among the most important things you can do to improve your gastrointestinal health is to take in an abundance of foods high in fiber. Doing so helps keep your GI tract processing efficiently and can ward off issues, like constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis. Nutritional foods to incorporate into your dietary intake that contain a high amount of fiber are things such as:

  • Artichokes

  • Broccoli

  • Beans

  • Green peas

  • Apples

  • Lentils

  • Chickpeas

  • Whole grains

Apart from foods high in fiber, you can additionally consider adding probiotics into what you eat. Your digestive tract depends on a sufficient proportion of healthy microorganisms to work properly. By increasing the intake of helpful bacteria, you can potentially support the appropriate balance in your gut. Probiotics may be consumed in supplement form or added to your nutritional intake in the foods you eat, including yogurt.

What are some other tips to improve my gastrointestinal health?

The diet you eat is only part of the battle. Other actions that may help fortify your gastrointestinal wellness include getting regular exercise. Keeping your body moving might help stave off and alleviate constipation as well as strengthen your muscles. The second thing you could consider to help boost your gut wellness is to practice healthy stress management. Unbridled stress and angst could possibly lead to issues like vomiting, nausea, and constipation. Methods to manage stress include meditation, making sure to get adequate sleep, and forging authentic connections with the people in your life. Because tobacco use has an adverse effect on every area of your body, a significant way you can promote your digestive health is to stop smoking and consuming tobacco.

Should I visit a GI doctor?

While maintaining more nutritious dietary habits and incorporating an active way of life might greatly assist your gut health, there could be situations in which you should seek a GI doctor for more troubling problems. Signs that you may be experiencing a gastrointestinal disease or condition are:

  • Bloody stool

  • Abdominal pain

  • Difficult bowel movements

  • Diarrhea

  • Unexplained weight loss

  • Bowel or bladder incontinence

  • Vomiting and queasiness

  • Frequent heartburn

Should you notice any of these signs and symptoms, get in touch with Adult Gastroenterology Associates right away. You can request an appointment with an experienced GI doctor in Tulsa, OK who can identify and treat digestive conditions that cause these distressing symptoms.

Do I need a colon cancer screening?

Supporting ideal digestive health also includes being up to date on your preventive care. Colon cancer is the third leading type of cancer among both women and men; however, the good news is that an early diagnosis can significantly improve its prognosis. Medical professionals advise that individuals start having periodic colonoscopies when they turn 45. If your colonoscopy exam is normal, then another will not be needed for about a decade. You can schedule to have a colonoscopy at an Adult Gastroenterology Associates facility near you.

Speak with a gastroenterologist in Tulsa, OK

Why wait until the beginning of the year to begin caring for your GI wellness? Move forward with the healthier, new you starting today. With the caring expertise of our team at Adult Gastroenterology Associates, you can kick off the New Year enjoying a healthier GI system. Our Tulsa, OK gastrointestinal specialists are among the most skilled physicians in the industry. To reserve a visit or to learn more, contact Adult Gastroenterology Associates today.