There's No Party Like a Colon Prep Party


Would you like to be as cool as Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and Martin Short? Then do what they do—have a colon prep party and put some fun into a lifesaving screening.

Planning Your Colon Prep Party

First, find other friends or family members who will be due for their colonoscopy at around the same time and agree on suitable dates.

Next, call the Tulsa Endoscopy Center or contact us online to schedule your colonoscopy.

Finally, prepare for your party.

  • What kind of party will it be? Hanks, Martin, and Short chose an evening of poker and prep chugging, but you could opt for a Spa Day, a Game Night or even settle down for a Movie Mania Marathon? Download Tulsa Endoscopy’s Colonoscopy Prep Party Theme Cards. Click the party themes listed below to view, download, or print prep party theme cards:
  • Spa Party
  • Movie Night
  • Casino Party
  • Game Night
  • Send out invites, remind prepping guests to bring their prep and mixers. Remind your guests to avoid red, blue or purple colors or flavors.
  • Stock up on prep-suitable party food like clear broth or soup, gelatin, popsicles, fruit ices, and sorbet. Also, supply some clear liquids if your guests will still be partying within 4 hours of their procedure.

Before Your Procedure

  • Make sure you have comfy clothes to wear.
  • Remove jewelry and leave it in a safe place at home along with your valuables.
  • Check that you have your government-issued I.D., insurance card, and means of payment if you have been informed that your payment will be due.
  • Book a driver or escort, or any adult with a driver’s license who can wait for you during your procedure.

Don’t be tempted to delay or cancel your colonoscopy. Sixty to 90 percent of colorectal cancer cases could be prevented if people attended their screenings as recommended.

Forty percent of those aged over 50 fail to get recommended routine screenings, and that figure is likely to rise now that the American Cancer Society has dropped the recommended age for a first-time colonoscopy to 45. When you choose a colonoscopy over other colorectal cancer screening methods, your gastroenterologist can identify and remove pre-cancerous growths, detecting and preventing colon cancer simultaneously.

How else can you lower your risk? Research suggests, by following a high fiber and low sugar diet, and by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding obesity. Obesity has been identified as a reason behind the growing colorectal cancer rates in younger people. Age is no longer a defense. Now, 20-49 year-olds are now at twice the risk of colorectal cancer as those aged 50 and older.

Don’t wait! Plan that party and call Tulsa Endoscopy Center today or book your appointment online. The expert gastroenterologists and the staff there have helped thousands of patients prevent colorectal cancer and they can help you too.