When Should You See a Physician for Hemorrhoids?


At some point in their life, many people find themselves seeking answers about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are essentially inflamed veins in the lower rectum or anus, and dealing with them can be a tad challenging, given the pain, itching, and occasional bleeding they might cause. If not addressed in time, this seemingly minor issue can evolve into a major health concern. As champions of gastrointestinal health, Adult Gastroenterology Associates is here to guide you through the options for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Read on as some of our top-tier GI practitioners from Tulsa, OK share their wisdom on this topic and the importance of professional intervention.

Are all hemorrhoids the same?

No, they aren't. When you delve into the specifics, you realize that hemorrhoids have classifications. Two main types are:

  • External hemorrhoids, which form under the skin close to the anus and are the type that typically causes discomfort.
  • Internal hemorrhoids, which reside within the rectum and might be less painful but tend to bleed.

Being aware of these nuances is instrumental in pinpointing the ailment and moving toward appropriate medical guidance.

Can hemorrhoids disappear without help?

It's a frequently posed question: Will hemorrhoids go away if left alone? While some minor ones might heal on their own, obtaining advice from a GI professional will ensure you're on the right track for recovery.

When is it necessary to see a doctor about hemorrhoids?

The disruption that hemorrhoids introduce can be hard to sideline. If you're confronting continuous symptoms like rectal bleeding or relentless discomfort, it's typically a telltale sign of hemorrhoids. Such manifestations necessitate a thorough check by a gastroenterology expert to lock in the diagnosis. Depending on the type of hemorrhoids and their severity, the proficient team at Adult Gastroenterology Associates might advocate:

  • Topical applications, including creams
  • Soaking in lukewarm baths
  • Shifting toward a fiber-centric diet
  • Hemorrhoid banding techniques
  • Surgical routes, if the situation calls for it

When dealing with internal hemorrhoids, a simple uptick in dietary fiber often does the trick. However, for specific cases, surgical measures might be on the cards.

Our Tulsa, OK team is primed to carve out a bespoke treatment blueprint, ensuring optimal results. Being proactive can dramatically dial down potential hemorrhoid-related setbacks.

Hemorrhoid Solutions in Tulsa, OK

The idea that hemorrhoids might auto-resolve is a myth in many cases. Timely and expert medical intervention can be your best ally. If hemorrhoids interfere with your comfort, make your way to an Adult Gastroenterology Associates location closest to you. A precise diagnosis from a seasoned GI expert ensures you embark on a tailored treatment journey. Engage with our Tulsa, OK professionals today to schedule a personalized consultation addressing your questions about hemorrhoids.

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