Why Join a GERD Clinical Study?

By: DHAT Team


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), generally called heartburn or acid reflux, impacts roughly one-fifth of the adult population in the United States. GERD is often a manageable disease, but when ignored, it might become a more serious issue and lead to concerning health conditions, such as Barrett’s syndrome. If you believe you suffer from GERD, Adult Gastroenterology Associates is holding clinical trials to find innovative approaches to diagnose and manage the disorder. Call our Tulsa, OK professionals to learn more about the overall process and the perks of taking part in a GERD clinical study.

Is a clinical trial right for you?

As an essential step in the research process, clinical trials provide our experienced research team with the insight to discover innovative ways of managing illnesses, such as GERD. Participating in tests is entirely voluntary and incurs zero cost to the patient. Those involved in the study will be able to receive new therapies, medications, and treatments, in addition to individualized care for their condition. When you volunteer for a clinical research trial, you may have your condition monitored more intently than those who are undergoing traditional care. If you wish to participate in a GERD clinical trial to receive care for acid reflux disease, reach out to our Tulsa, OK team today to learn more about the process.

What to know about GERD

The condition of GERD is at times described as acid reflux or heartburn. About 20% of U.S. adults have gastroesophageal reflux disease, and the condition is increasing in prevalence. When patients experience acid reflux, stomach acids reverse and surge into the esophagus, often inducing a burning symptom in the throat and upper chest. Gastroesophageal reflux disease could be intensified by numerous causes, like spicy foods, smoking, alcohol consumption, and eating bigger amounts of food late at night. Other health factors, such as obesity and pregnancy, could also provoke GERD.

What are common symptoms of GERD?

Patients with signs or symptoms of acid reflux disease generally notice chest pain or heartburn, an unexplained lump in the throat, abdominal bloating, or the urge to regurgitate food. If you have GERD symptoms frequently or take heartburn-relief medication more than bi-weekly, please get in touch with Adult Gastroenterology Associates for more information on GERD research trials so we can determine the right treatment option to meet your needs.

How serious is my GERD?

In some instances, symptoms of GERD can develop after eating a large meal or consuming beverages that are high in acidity. When these symptoms occur infrequently and can be controlled with antacid medications, it might not be a major concern. If you develop symptoms that occur more than twice a week, and if the discomfort is moderate to severe, please reach out to our GI specialists to discover more about a GERD research trial. Our exceptionally skilled clinical research professionals incorporate the latest advancements in digestive health to help prevent and manage conditions, such as GERD.

Is it safe to join a clinical research study?

Each and every clinical test run conducted by the professional research staff at Adult Gastroenterology Associates is optional, of no cost, and monitored closely by qualified doctors. If you participate in this research study, you can not only help propel the efforts toward finding new and innovative GERD treatments, but you will additionally receive personalized services catered to meet your condition. If you are dealing with gastroesophageal reflux disease and are interested in participating in our Tulsa, OK team's GERD clinical trial, contact us today.