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An impacted bowel, also called intestinal obstruction, is a problem that occurs when a hardened stool hinders the function of your small or large intestine. If you’ve realized that can't pass a stool or let out gas, in addition to having abdominal discomfort and bloating, an impacted bowel could be the cause. When this occurs, it is important to get help from a digestive health specialist. At Adult Gastroenterology Associates, our medical professionals routinely assist people who experience an impacted bowel. To learn more about an impacted bowel in Tulsa, OK, we recommend reaching out to one of our locations to request a consultation.

Symptoms of an impacted bowel are often stomach discomfort and bloating. They could also include:

  • A feeling of fullness or having no appetite
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Having a headache
  • Feeling the need to push out stool
  • Intense pain or discomfort in the stomach
  • Bloating
  • Loose poop falling out of the rectum
  • Nausea or vomiting

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms named above, consult with a GI specialist at an Adult Gastroenterology Associates location near you to receive care for your impacted bowel.

A bowel obstruction could be a partial or a complete obstruction. It is important to request a consultation as quickly as possible if you cannot manage the obstruction on your own with laxatives or drugstore remedies. If left untreated, the blockage could cause a more severe condition.

Treatment for an impacted bowel can vary. Once the cause of the blockage has been identified, the treatment can range from manual extraction to colon cleansing. After treatment, you can also take preventive steps avoid another impacted bowel. This could include establishing ample fiber and water intake and working out often to help with digestion.

Assistance from our expert Tulsa, OK GI providers is simply a consultation away. Our providers will guide you to the best treatment for you.

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When you need treatment for a blocked intestine in Tulsa, OK, don’t hesitate to contact us. The specialists at an Adult Gastroenterology Associates in your community can provide the care you need to get back to your regular routine. Our providers can help you find the treatment needed to ensure that your condition will not cause a more severe issue.

Very attentive of my life issues. Not rushed for time. Really cared about my health. Thanks

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I was very pleased with Dr.Clark. I felt like he really listened, took time to answer any questions. It took awhile to get a appointment but it was worth the wait.

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Dr. Clark was very kind. He explained what to expect and then met with me afterwards to explain results.

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Dr Volak was so caring. He knew what was wrong and fixed it. I am able to eat again and not worry about it daily. I will always recommend Dr Volak to anyone having gastro issues.

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Dr. Stanton is a very kind person and a wonderful physican who I have had the pleasure to call my dr. He helped me through a really hard time when I was previously told to go to Baylor and get on the transplant list. I wasn't ready for that and started looking for another opinion. My husband made some calls and we chose Dr. Stanton for that 2nd opinion. He has been my dr ever since without the transplant and I am doing really. That was a very good move on our part and I thank God for Dr. Stanton moving to Tulsa!

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