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Esophageal dilation is a treatment in which your provider at Adult Gastroenterology Associates will expand (or spread out) a tightened or blocked section of your esophagus. Esophageal dilation is normally carried out as an endoscopic exam to treat gastrointestinal problems that come with the constricting (called a stricture) of the esophagus.

Most frequently used is balloon dilation, where the balloon is introduced at the point of the stricture utilizing the images on an endoscope and is then inflated to spread the esophagus. Esophageal dilation is not used as a system to heal any illnesses or conditions, but as a alternative treatment to relieve symptoms. For this reason, you could need to undergo esophageal dilation therapy many times, depending on the character of your ailment. If you need esophageal dilation in Tulsa, OK, request a consultation with your nearest location for additional information.

There are many diverse causes a person might benefit from esophageal dilation. Some of the common issues that often result in an esophageal dilation procedure can include:

  • GERD (chronic acid reflux)
  • Cancer of the esophagus
  • Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)
  • Chemical harm to the esophagus that results in swelling and narrowing

Reach out to Adult Gastroenterology Associates to find a gastroenterologist that can help in stretching your esophagus so that you can achieve the relief you require.

The majority of clients who get esophageal dilation in Tulsa, OK can go back to eating their standard diet following the therapy when any numbness abates. We suggest you start by consuming tender foods, such as bananas, eggs, and pudding, especially if you still find problems swallowing. If this is the case, you may want to grind your food well before swallowing. Talk to your provider about any concerns you may experience, and the diet that is good for you. We are here to help!

Difficulties during esophageal dilation in Tulsa, OK are unusual when performed by expressly qualified GI specialists; nonetheless, even when done correctly, the therapy can conceivably cause issues. Such problems involve ripping of the esophagus lining, bleeding, and adverse response to anesthesia. Communicate with your specialist about any fears you have, and specific dangers for your condition. We will also go over these unlikely risks with you in detail.

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Esophageal dilation is an easy and fast way to help you if you've suffered difficulty swallowing food so that you can have the help you require. If you are in need of a specialist who offers esophageal dilation in Tulsa, OK, we can help. Speak with Adult Gastroenterology Associates to request a consultation with one of our GI physicians to find out whether this therapy is the correct solution for your need.

Dr Clark is very detailed and personable. I was impressed with all the staff and how efficient they were. I was seen on time and felt like I had plenty of time with Dr Clark without feeling rushed. Great experience.

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I just had a wonderful visit with Tuesday Guthery! She listens, validated, and was funny and sweet! She also acknowledged my toddler! Most people ignore the tiny person in the room. They were so welcoming and so happy to see the little nugget! And when I left I instantly thought I would have to call with more questions about a future appointment and instead she called me and answered every question I might have had in a voicemail. She’s great!

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I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. The staff were very kind and explained each detail of the procedures very well. It was painless and the whole process was much easier and comfortable than I thought it would be. This review is for the Glendale, AZ office.

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Dr. Conkling is so great! He reassured me and said he would "take good care of me". He did an excellent job with my 2 procedures and called me to give me the results himself! You don't find many doctors like that any more! Thank you, Dr. Conkling!

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Love everything & everyone there! Great attention to detail, knowledgeable staff that's so kind & helpful. Able to explain any questions I may have. Neither Dr Clark or staff have ever made me feel stupid or a problem. I thought I saw a good GI Dr, Dr Clark & staff have shown me a kinder, better experience. This is strange to say but..Bless you Doc C for the banding. You"re pure genius Relief for the first time in my life.Sorry you're stuck with me. Yay

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